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Digital ICs/DSP: 3D Graphics Engine Lets Handhelds Crank Out 1 Million Polygons/s

By combining an ARM920T CPU core and dedicated acceleration logic for 2D and 3D graphics, the VRender 3D chip can produce top-performance graphics and MPEG4 decoding for handheld devices. Based on the company's VRender technology, the chip offloads the host processor. Beyond graphics and video processing, VRender provides 64 poly wavetable synthesis and various system interfaces like USB, AC'97, IDE, UARTs, LCD and touchscreen control, and various memory cards. Multiple subprocessors in the 3D engine handle triangle setup, rendering, and geometric transformation. Housed in a 400-contact BGA, the chip operates from a 266-MHz clock. Samples of VRender are available now. In small quantities, the chip sells for about $25.

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TAGS: Digital ICs
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