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Digital ICs/DSP: 64-Bit MIPS-Compatible CPU Clocks At Up To 666 MHz

Top clock speeds of 533 to 666 MHz are possible with the TX9956CXBG, the company's first standard 64-bit processor to employ the TX99/H4 CPU core. The CPU can simultaneously execute two instructions to deliver a peak throughput of over 1200 MIPS. It's also software-compatible with all previous MIPS processors. Subsets in the instruction set include the 64-bit instructions of the MIPS64 ISA for high performance and the MIPS-3D ASE for graphics and multimedia. On chip are 32-kbyte instruction and data caches (four-way, set-associative) and a 256-kbyte level 2 cache. Housed in a 272-contact plastic BGA package, the CPU can operate from either a 2.5- or 3.3-V supply. Samples of the CPU are available immediately, selling for $45 each in 100-unit lots.

Toshiba Corp.

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