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Digital ICs/DSP: 90-nm Process Yields Small, Low-Cost 64-Mbit Flash Memories

Based on 90-nm design rules, the 28F640-W18 NOR-type flash memory offers a 64-Mbit capacity and occupies less than half the chip area of the company's previous 64-Mbit device fabricated with 130-nm rules. It operates from a 1.8-V supply for use in portable systems, permits direct code execution (execute-in-place), has enhanced factory programming for faster data storage, and provides dual code and data storage. Burst accesses can take place at 66 MHz. Page-mode access is 60 ns for the first word and 20 ns for subsequent words. Samples are available, with volume quantities due in the third quarter. In lots of 10,000, the chip costs $10.26 apiece. Versions based on the company's StrataFlash multilevel cell and 90-nm process with 256- and 512-Mbit capacities will be sampled later this year.

Intel Corp.

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