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Digital ICs/DSP: ARM7 Core Targets Flash-Based FPGAs As New Host Platforms

A soft ARM7 core, the CoreMP7, has been optimized for use in the ProASIC3 family of flash-based FPGAs. The 32-bit ARM7 processor core is available for use free of license fees, reducing the cost of entry and increasing designer access to system-on-a-chip (SoC) development with the ARM7 family. Able to operate at up to 25 MHz, the CoreMP7 well suits use in many applications, including digital cameras, kitchen appliances, automotive traction control systems, car infotainment systems, robotics, and medical equipment. The core also will be supported by a complete development environment, including the company's CoreConsole tool and Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE), a development kit, and a host of third-party tools. The core will be available for use with other FPGA families, including the company's Fusion series, which incorporates analog and nonvolatile memory on a single device to enable a true programmable system chip.

Actel Corp.

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