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Digital ICs/DSP: CMOS 20-Bit Bus Switches Replace TTL Equivalents

A set of four high-speed CMOS 20-bit bus switches provides pin-compatible equivalents to existing transistor-transistor-level (TTL) parts. These switches are designed for use in applications such as PCI hot-card insertion and voltage-level translation, notebook docking stations, memory interleaving, and general-purpose switching. They also feature a high off-resistance and a low on-resistance. Power dissipation is typically 1 µA. The B5S16861 and B5S16862 are 20-bit two-port bus switches. The '861 can be configured as two 10-bit buses or one 20-bit bus, while the '862's four enable lines allow it to be configured as four 5-bit buses or one 20-bit bus. The B5S162861 and B5S162862 are similar to the B5S16861/862 but include a 2-Ω series resistor in each output. Each version comes in a TSSOP48 package and costs $0.78 each in 1000-unit lots.


TAGS: Digital ICs
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