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Digital ICs/DSP: Communications Processor Boosts IPsec Throughput To 70 Mbits/s

The RC32365 Interprise integrated communications processor now includes an integrated hardware accelerated Internet Protocol security (IPsec) engine. Moreover, the chip runs 20% faster than its predecessor. This combination enables the processor to operate at frequencies of up to 180 MHz with 70 Mbits/s of IPsec throughput. As a result, the device meets the growing need for performance in the small and medium enterprise (SME), small office/home office (SOHO), residential gateway, and wireless access markets. The security engine on the RC32365 processor supports algorithms, including DES, 3DES, and the advanced encryption standard (AES). The chip is based on a 32-bit MIPS CPU core. It includes an SDRAM memory controller, two Ethernet MACs, a 32-bit PCI v2.2 controller, and a 16-bit PCMCIA v2.1 interface. In quantities of 10,000 units, the RC32365 sells for $16 apiece.

Integrated Device Technology Inc.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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