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Digital ICs/DSP: DDR3 Memories Transfer Data At Up To 1067 Mbits/s

First samples of the third-generation double-data-rate (DDR3) SDRAMs and modules are now available. The memory devices double the speed of today's fastest DDR2 products. The company expects systems equipped with DDR3 memories in late 2006. Initial versions of the DDR3 memories will transfer data at speeds of 800 up to 1067 Mbits/s. Future versions are expected to operate at speeds of up to 1600 Mbits/s. The memories also operate at lower supply voltages. While DDR2 devices use 1.8-V supplies, DDR3 devices will operate from 1.5-V supplies. The lower operating voltage will reduce overall power consumption, a key concern in battery-powered systems. Volume production is currently planned for late 2006. Contact the company for projected pricing.

Infineon Technologies AG

TAGS: Digital ICs
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