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Digital ICs/DSP: Dual Computer Cores, Higher Speeds Invigorate DSP Chips

Enhanced versions of the Blackfin DSP offer features such as dual cores for symmetrical multiprocessing and increased operating frequencies for higher throughput. The ADSP-BF561 contains two identical 533 Blackfin DSP cores, a shared 128-kbyte level 2 cache, and many system peripheral functions. Each core includes a 32-kbyte instruction cache/SRAM and a 64-kbyte data cache/SRAM, as well as a small 4-kbyte scratchpad SRAM. Symmetric multiprocessing is possible and operation reaches 750 MHz, delivering a throughput of 1.5 GMACs per core. Speed upgrades to the ADSP-BF533 single-core DSP chip are available. This processor now operates at clock speeds of up to 750 MHz, too. The 750- and 600-MHz versions of the BF561 sell for $39.95 and $22.95 apiece, respectively, in lots of 10,000 units. In similar quantities, the 600- and 750-MHz BF533 cost $15.95 and $31.95, respectively.

Analog Devices Inc.

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