Electronic Design

Digital ICs/DSP: Ferroelectric RAM Packs 1 Mbit Of Nonvolatile Storage

The FM20L08, a 1-Mbit (128 kwords by 8 bits) nonvolatile ferroelectric RAM (FRAM), can operate at supply levels of 3.3 V. Housed in a 32-lead TSOP package, the chip has a read access time of 60 ns and packs a high-speed page mode that allows 4-byte transfers at up to 33 MHz. It offers an unlimited number of read/write cycles and can serve as a drop-in replacement for standard asynchronous SRAMs. The chip has fully compatible SRAM timing with address transition detection (ATD), which lets users change addresses while leaving the chip enable active. The FRAM is a good match for systems such as set-top boxes, automotive telematics, and industrial applications. Available in both commercial and industrial temperature ranges (0°C to 70oC and ­40°C to 85oC, respectively), FRAM prices start at $13.65 apiece in lots of 10,000 units.

Ramtron Corp.

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