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Digital ICs/DSP: Get 1 MFLOPS/MHz With Floating-Point Extensions To ARC CPUs

Floating-point extensions to the ARC600 and 700 32-bit soft processor cores enable the cores to deliver full-performance math functionality without a coprocessor. The logic extensions to handle the math implement the IEEE-754-compliant floating-point functionality with a significantly lower gate count than competitive floating-point coprocessors while delivering comparable performance. Floating-point throughput is typically about 1 MFLOPS/MHz, and both single- or double-precision implementations are available. The system designer also can add custom math instructions by using the company's extensible instruction-set architecture and development tools. Single-precision extensions are available now. The double-precision extensions will be ready by early in the third quarter. Contact the company for licensing details.

ARC International plc.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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