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Digital ICs/DSP: Low-Power FPGAs Pack Dedicated PCI Ports That Deliver 132 Mbytes/s

Four devices optimized for portable applications are now part of the QL58x0 PCI 2.3-compliant QuickPCI family. Users can achieve 132-Mbyte/s PCI bus performance (0 Wait States) while meeting the low power requirements of portable PCI applications such as mini PCI modules or CardBus cards. The devices support PCI target functions for 32-bit PCI designs. The 33-MHz/32-bit QL58x0 family combines a PCI 2.3- compliant controller with the flexibility of the company's FPGA fabric. The programmable portion contains up to 1478 logic cells and up to 22 dual-port RAM blocks that may be configured in various width/depth combinations. Prices for the QuickPCI family start at $5 apiece in large quantities.

QuickLogic Corp.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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