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Digital ICs/DSP: PCI Express Switch And Bridge ICs Answer Graphics, Computing Needs

High-performance graphics and computing markets can look forward to a new family of PCI Express switch and bridge chips. The first product in the switch/bridge family, the PES-48G, targets the high-performance graphics market. It will be sampled in June. Next in line is the PES-48S for workstations and servers. Samples of the 48S are expected in September. The PES-32S and PES-24S are designed for riser-card computing applications. Initial pricing for the 48-lane PES-48G and PES-48S devices is $41 and $45, respectively. The 32-lane PES 32S will sell for $30, while the 24-lane PES-24S will go for $23.

IMC Semiconductor Inc.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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