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Digital ICs/DSP: Programmable LED Sequencer And Driver Manages Up To 18 LEDs

A combination LED driver and sequencer, the DA9026 gives designers complete programmability of up to 18 single-color LEDs (or six RGB LEDs) for the control of light shows, backlights, and signal LEDs. The chip controls the sequences of LED patterns, including combined RGB LEDs, with programmable variables such as pattern, repetition rate, and intensity of each LED. It also can store and replay (from an on-chip memory) 15 light sequences with programmable start and end points without any external components. Additionally, the chip includes fading and dimming capabilities and brightness correction for true RGB color. An integrated step-up converter generates the higher voltages needed for high-intensity blue, green, and white LEDs. It can supply 4.8 V at up to 420 mA. A simple two-wire serial interface allows systems to upload sequence and command data. The controller is housed in a 4- by 4-mm, 24-lead QFN package. Samples are immediately available. The DA9026 costs $2.98 in 1000-unit lots, $1.62 in 10,000-unit lots, and $1.02 in 100,000-unit lots. .

Dialog Semiconductor Plc.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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