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Digital ICs/DSP: Quad BiCMOS Logic Buffer Shoehorned Into DQFN Package

Available in the industry's smallest package for gates and octal functions--a 14-contact thermally enhanced very thin quad flat package (DQFN)--the 74VLT126 quad three-state buffer delivers performance that matches ABT-class logic devices. Even though it operates from a 3.3-V supply, it consumes significantly less power than the ABT version. With the outputs disabled, it typically draws just 0.13 mA of quiescent current. With the outputs low, the quiescent current increases to a maximum of just 7 mA. Outputs can drive up to +64 mA or ­32 mA, and each output has its own output-enable input control signal for independent control of each output. Input to output propagation delay is typically 2.3 ns. Samples are immediately available. In lots of 10,000, the 74LT126 costs $0.14 each.

Philips Semiconductors

TAGS: Digital ICs
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