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Digital ICs/DSP: Search Engine Managers Run Up To 400 Million Searches/s

The HyCognito search engines include soft-core and embedded-array-based versions of the company's Search Engine Managers (SEMs). The blocks can run up to 400 million searches per second. By combining the SEMs with industry-standard DRAMs, the engines can support huge search and classification tables at the lowest possible costs. The company's technology overcomes bandwidth issues associated with DRAMs, providing ternary-CAM-level or better performance. The first of two HyCognito family members is a soft core that targets lower-speed, cost-sensitive designs. The second is an embedded-array-based application-specific standard product for designs supporting several-million deep IPv6 tables running over and above full-duplex 10-Gigabit Ethernet/OC192 links. Silicon implementations of the HyWire SEM start at $250 in lots of 10,000. Contact the company for core license fees.

HyWire Ltd.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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