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Digital ICs/DSP: Serial RapidIO Core Proves Itself On FPGA And Structured ASICs

A serial RapidIO core, available for use on FPGA platforms or structured or cell-based ASIC designs, has been implemented as a serial RapidIO to PCI bridge. The core has been instantiated in both a structured ASIC from NEC Electronics and an Altera Stratix-GX FPGA to prove functionality. Tests undertaken include passing RapidIO traffic between the core and a Fresscale PowerQUICC III processsor through a Tundra Semiconductor Tsi568A switch fabric controlled by Fabric Embedded Tools RapidFET software. The ability of the core to be instantiated on FPGA or various ASIC technologies enables designers to prototype systems in a flexible, low-cost environment before transferring the design to production. Contact the company for licensing terms.

Jennic Ltd.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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