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Digital ICs/DSP: Small-Outline DIMMs Leverage Latest DDR2 SDRAMs To Trim Power

The EBE52UD6AFSA series of 512-Mbyte small-outline dual-inline memory modules (SO-DIMMs) is based on the latest-generation DDR2 SDRAMs to deliver the lowest power drain. The DDR2 memories reduce IDD0 current (110 mA versus 155 mA) by 30% compared with previous-generation DDR2 SDRAMs. This cuts power consumption, improves thermal performance, and extends battery life in portable applications like notebooks. The module comes in three speed grades--the DDR2-667 (CL = 5-5-5), the 533 (CL = 4-4-4), and the 400 (CL = 3-3-3). It's organized as 64 Mwords by 64 bits by two ranks. Available with a burst length of four or eight, it operates from a 1.8-V supply. Samples are available immediately and cost $65, $68, and $88 each for the 400, 533, and 667, respectively.

Elpida Memory Inc.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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