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Digital ICs/DSP: Small0Outline DDR2 DIMMs Deliver 1 Gbyte At 533 Or 400 MHz

Small-outline DDR2 DIMMs now come in 1-Gbyte capacities with bus speeds of 533 or 400 MHz. In addition, the company released samples of its 256-Mbit DDR2 SDRAMs, which are also available in 533- and 400-MHz speed grades. Organized as 128 Mwords by 64 bits by 2 banks, the memory DIMMs use the JEDEC-standard 200-pin connector and measure just 3.8 mm thick. Versions include burst lengths of 4 or 8 and a CAS latency of 3, 4, or 5. The modules also incorporate off-chip drivers and on-die termination for improved signal quality. Sample prices for the 533- and 400-MHz small-outline DIMMs are $1050 and $680, respectively. Prices for the 533- and 400-MHz DDR2 SDRAMs are $19 and $12 each, respectively.

Elpida Memory Inc.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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