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Digital ICs/DSP: Southbridge Chip Set Merges PCI Express And Gigabit Ethernet MAC

Connecting high-speed peripheral devices for multimedia applications is the driving force behind the SiS965 Southbridge chip set, thanks to the integration of PCI Express support. Also in the mix is a Gigabit Ethernet MAC, which lowers system costs and allows two Gigabit Ethernet connections to be enabled from the single MAC. The Southbridge chipset also supports an external PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet card. Data-transfer speed between the SiS965 and the company's Northbridge chip is enhanced further by a proprietary MuTIOL interface, which provides a 1-Gbyte/s transfer rate. The chip also supports up to four SATA disk drives, eight USB 2.0/1.1 ports, up to eight AC'97 audio channels, and more. Contact the company for volume pricing.

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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