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Digital ICs/DSP: Storage Control Core Handles Magnetic, Flash, Or Optical Drives

The StoreSelect DS storage control core integrates an IDE Ultra ATA, PCMCIA, Compact Flash, and Compact Flash Plus functions into a single block of intellectual property. With the DriveSelect block, designers can build chips that work with virtually any type of storage media, whether magnetic, flash, or optical. The core includes the company's patent-pending SpeedSelect technology, which allows the integrated-development-environment core timing to be reprogrammed by software to support all ATA modes at just about any clock frequency. This lets the core support all drives, from basic DVD drives to the ultrafast 133-MHz UDMA storage devices. The StorSelect core can interface to a host processor either through the company's CoreFrame interface or the AHB slave interface for PIO access. Contact the company to discuss licensing.

Palmchip Corp.
(408) 952-2008

TAGS: Digital ICs
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