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Digital ICs/DSP: System Controller For PowerPCs Packs The Most Support Functions

A system controller that supports PowerPCbased system solutions, the Discovery V chip provides a full subsystem to support the host CPU. To support high-speed I/O transfers, the chip packs three 1-Gbit Ethernet interfaces, two USB 2.0 ports, a four-lane PCI Express interface, and both 64- and 32-bit 133-MHz PCI-X interfaces. Also integrated on the chip are a 72-bit wide DDR1/2 SDRAM controller, several serial UARTs, multiple DMA controllers, a general-purpose 16-bit interface, and a 200-MHz bus interface to the host CPU. An internal crossbar switch allows an "any-to-any" connection capability to enable multiple concurrent transactions. The chip is software-compatible with the company's Discovery III chip to allow software to run on the upgraded hardware. A complete development platform for Discovery V enables customers to start system development without waiting for their own hardware. Development platforms, including the Freescale MPC7447A/7448A and IBM750FL/GL, will be available when Discovery V samples in this quarter. Contact the company for volume pricing.

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Marvell Semiconductor Inc.

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