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Digital ICs/DSP: System Controller/CPU Combo Simplifies System Designs

The PM8172 system controller serves as a companion chip to the RM5231A, RM7035C, and RM7935 64-bit MIPS-based CPUs for advanced consumer applications like thin-client networking PCs, advanced digital cable/satellite set-top boxes, personal video recorders, digital video recorders, HDTVs, and many other systems. Available in speeds from 250 to 900 MHz, the RM5231A, RM7035C, and RM7935 processors are general-purpose 64-bit MIPS-based CPUs with a 32-bit system address/data interface that connects to the controller chip. The PM8172 includes controllers for SDRAM, flash, and ROM. It also boasts a peripheral bus, a PCI bus interface, an ATA 33 integrated-development-environment interface, DMA channels, timers, a smart-card interface, a consumer IR port, a 16C550 UART, an audio digital controller, an IEEE 1284 parallel port, and general-purpose I/O pins. The controller will be sold only in conjunction with CPUs, so prices for the CPU/controller combo range from $15 to $60/set (depending on the CPU selected) in 10,000-unit lots.

PMC-Sierra Inc.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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