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Digital ICs/DSPs: 128-Mbit Flash Memory Pushes Data Transfers To 108 MHz

As cell phones and other portable systems deal with larger files that hold images and other graphic content, faster data-transfer times are needed for the nonvolatile storage devices. The LH28F128BN is a 1.8-V, 128-Mbit flash storage device that can deliver data at rates of 108 MHz when operating in its synchronous burst mode. In standard random-access mode, the memory has an access time of 60 or 70 ns and a page mode access time of 20 or 25 ns. Available in an 8-Mword by 16-bit organization, the LH28F128BN can operate over a 1.7- to 1.9-V supply range. Readout current is 15 mA when operating at 5 MHz in its asynchronous mode. The flash memory comes in an 8- by 11-mm fine-pitch BGA package. In lots of 100,000 units, the device sells for $11 apiece. Production quantities are immediately available.

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas
(360) 834-8052

TAGS: Digital ICs
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