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Digital ICs/DSPs: Fast-Cycle DRAM Targets Mobile Systems And Draws 10 µA Asleep

Mobile-phone applications can now dial up a 128-Mbit Mobile Fast Cycle RAM (FCRAM), because samples are now available. The memory chip implements burst-mode operations, complying with Common Specifications for Mobile RAM (COSMORAM) Revision 3. Both the MB82DBS04314C and the MB82DBS08164C achieve maximum burst-operation frequencies of up to 108 MHz with a single 1.8-V supply. User-configurable power-down modes dramatically cut the maximum standby current of 300µA to as little as 10µA. In addition, the MB82DBS04314C 128-Mbit pseudostatic RAM adopts a 32-bit address/data multiplexed bus. It more than doubles the data-transfer rate compared with existing products with 16-bit buses (including the MB82DBS0814C). Samples are available in packaged and in chip or wafer form. Pricing begins at $14.00 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc.

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