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Digital ICs/DSPs: Programmable Clock Chips Allow In-System Configuration

The VersaTime clock family offers a complete portfolio of programmable skew and zero-delay buffers with nonvolatile programming capability, enabling customers to consolidate multiple dedicated fixed-function clocks into one clock chip. The VersaTime programmable clocks don't compromise on jitter performance—cycle-to-cycle jitter is less than 75 ps p-p (max value with outputs at the same level) and 100 ps p-p (max value with outputs at different levels). The 5T9820 is a 2:10 zero-delay buffer with single-ended outputs. The 9821 is a 2:6 zero-delay buffer with complementary outputs. The '9890 is a 2:10 programmable-skew buffer with single-ended outputs. And, the 9891 is a 2:6 programmable-skew buffer with complementary outputs. Prices for the clocks start at $2.95 each in 10,000-unit lots.

IDT Inc.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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