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Digital Radio Chipset Enhances AM/FM Performance

A new digital radio technology promises enhanced sound quality and improved signal reception for existing analog broadcasts. Designed for home and automotive stereo systems, the Symphony Digital Radio chipset is expected to greatly improve traditional AM/FM in the following ways: less static, fading, pops and hisses; automatic tuning, so adjacent stations won’t interfere with each other; extended listening range from existing signals; and overall improved audio clarity and volume. Unlike other digital radio offerings, the new chipset does not require broadcasters to buy new digital broadcast equipment. The key to Symphony’s performance is the way that the radio is tuned: software is used instead of traditional analog circuitry. Designed using the company’s 24-bit DSP Symphony Digital Audio architecture, Symphony Digital Radio uses software algorithms to tune, filter and improve the signal. The chipset consists of three chips: a radio frequency front end IC, an intermediate frequency analog interface IC, and a baseband/audio processor. The latter is the heart of the system. All baseband radio and audio processing is performed on this single chip rather than on a series of chips. Highly integrated with advanced features, the baseband/audio processor reduces space and cost while providing a number of significant functions to enhance performance. The Symphony Digital Radio chipset is available now with single chipset pricing starting at $29.95. MOTOROLA SPS, Austin, TX. (512) 895-2000.


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