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Driver-MOSFET Combo Delivers High Efficiency

Integrating a driver IC and high- and low-side power MOSFETs in a 56-pin QFN package, the R2J20602NP achieves up to 89% efficiency. The device, which conforms to the Driver-MOSFET (DrMOS) package standard proposed by Intel, is well-suited for voltage regulators, dc-dc switching power supplies, and point-of-load converters, The device operates at up to a 2-MHz switching frequency and has a maximum operating current of 40A. Running at 1 MHz with an input of 12V and an output of 1.3V, efficiency is approximately 89%. With a 25-A output current, the loss is only 4.4W, 20% lower than the first-generation R2J20601NP, with which the new solution is pin and package compatible. The R2J20602NP package is RoHS compliant and supports high heat radiation. Its mounting area is 8 mm x 8 mm. The package uses a wireless copper-plate construction technique for internal connections, which greatly reduces resistance and parasitic inductance. Pins for large-current paths occupy most of the rear surface of the package and facilitate heat dissipation. Samples of the R2J20602NP are available for $6.30. RENESAS TECHNOLOGY CORP., San Jose CA. (408) 382-7407.


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