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DSCs Target Embedded Control Market

Bringing sophisticated control techniques to industrial, automotive, sensing, flow-metering and e-metering applications, the TMS320R2811 and R2812 digital signal controllers (DSCs) integrate SRAM and a range of peripherals. Both devices contain 20 Kwords of SRAM, allowing users to add an unlimited amount of external memory via the chips' SPI ports. They operate at 150 MIPS and can process single-cycle, 32-bit multiply and accumulate instructions. The TMS320F28x controllers include re-programmable flash memory, while the TMS320C28x controllers provide ROM. Additionally, the R28x controllers integrate a multi-channel, 12-bit a/d converter. Other control and communication peripherals include SCI, SPI and McBSP, PWM, QEP, CAP and timers, and a CAN 2.0B interface. Prices for the TMS320R2811 and 2812 are $9.11 and $10.63 each/1,000, respectively. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924.


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