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DSP-Based Chips Deliver Complete PCI Audio Feature Set

Two new DSP-based PCI audio devices-the CS4622 and CS4624-both deliver a complete PCI audio feature set, including legacy games support. In addition, the CS4622 provides Dolby Digital (AC-3) and a digital audio interface for high-profile consumer entertainment systems. The two new processors provide maximum audio processing capabilities with 300 and 255 MIPS performance, while off-loading the CPU from the demands of real-time audio signal processing. The powerful DSP engine in each device delivers advanced features, such as application programming interfaces for 3D-positional sound technologies, Dolby Digital for home theater class sound quality, acoustic echo cancellation for speakerphone and conferencing quality, wavetable synthesis for delivery of interactive audio soundtracks, and the Sony/Philips Digital Interface for linking PCs to consumer entertainment systems. Both devices are fully compliant with the portable PC98 and AC '97 2.0 standards.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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