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DSP-Based Chipset Delivers Realistic 5.1-Channel Audio

Said to represent the first DSP implementation of Wave Arts' WaveSurround technology, the ADSST-MELODY-2000 DSP-based chipset is designed to transform audio played over ordinary stereo loudspeakers and headphones into a surround-sound listening experience. With the chipset, any 5.1-channel digital audio stream--Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG2 AAC or MPEG2 Audio Layers 1 and 2, MLP, or PCM from DVDs, computers, etc.--can create the surround sound. WaveSurround can also be used to enhance stereo recordings by widening the sound field and thereby create a more spacious listening environment.The chipset performs a 32-bit, programmable, floating-point implementation of WaveSurround, which uses sophisticated signal processing technology to synthesize virtual loudspeakers that can be placed anywhere around the listener. Shipment of the set is to begin in March.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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