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DSP-Based Servoamplifier Eases PLC Interfacing

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The Model 7228AC servoamplifier stores up to 16 preset drive actions in memory, affording easy interfacing to PLCs and eliminating controllers in many applications. In conjunction with a PC and the company's Motion Exdplorer software, the instrument can match its amplifier to the motor's electrical and mechanical characteristics by entering numerical values into the software, as well as match load characteristics in a similar manner.
The software allows users to program customized motion-control recipes for specialized applications such as tightening nuts and bolts or screwing on bottle caps. System connections are fairly conventional except that the PC is used for programming rather than on-line operation. Also, a control pendant forms part of the setup procedure and contains the switches and adjustable voltage sources needed for amp/motor/load tuning. Pricing is $890.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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