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DSP Brings Real-Time Video To Internet Appliances

Introduced as the highest performance programmable DSP-based solution in the imaging Internet appliances industry, the TMS320DSC24 DSP provides the processing power needed to deliver encoding or decoding of real-time video at 320 x 240 (CIF) resolution. In addition, OEMs can license multimedia software codecs that have been optimized for the device's hardware architecture. Compared to its predecessor, enhancements include 50% lower battery consumption, 64K of DSP on-chip memory, additional power-down and standby modes, a 0.15-┬Ám CMOS process, and modifications to chip I/O and image buffering. The DSC24 combines a TMS-320C5000 DSP that performs real-time media processing and an ARM7TDMI RISC processor for system control functions. Programmable hardware multimedia accelerators perform concurrent processing to boost performance. Price is expected to be less than $25 each/100.

Company: TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC. - Semiconductor Group, Literature Response Center

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Digital ICs
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