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DSP Core IC Designed For Digital Auto Systems

Designed specifically for digital car stereos, TDA7500 chip integrates two 24-bit DSP cores with processing power of 86 MIPS, several interfaces, glue logic, four 20-bit ADCs, and three 20-bit stereo DACs. The TDA7501, a simple external circuit, is also available for providing analog input and output level adjustment. The TDA7500 performs the FM, AM and stereo decoder functions and all volume, balance, fader, loudness and tone controls. It can also implement audio processing features, such as equalizers, concert hall effects, 3D sound enhancement, and specific functions such as Dolby B/C, music search, and emphasis for CDs. The device also performs echo canceling, noise reduction and voice compression/decompression. These digital enhancements can be added to conventional analog car stereos by changing the software.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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