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DSP Doubles Performance, Expands System I/O

Doubling the performance of code-compatible ADSP-218x devices, the ADSP-2191 16-bit digital-signal processor (DSP) operates at speeds up to 160 MHz. Based on the ADSP-219x core, the device's on-chip interfaces support T1, E1 and H.100-based systems. Other features of the DSP include 64K words of SRAM configured as 32K words of data memory, 32K words of program memory, and access to up to 16M words of external memory. In terms of I/O, the device integrates three serial ports that support TDM of up to 128 channels per port, two SPI ports, a DMA controller, one UART port, programmable flag pins, and either a eight- or 16-bit host port interface. An evaluation system, ADSP-2191 EZ-KIT Lite is also available. Price for the DSP is $15 each/10,000 and $295 for the ADSP-2191 EZ-KIT.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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