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DSP Emulator Achieves Bidirectional Data Streaming At Video Speeds

Recognizing the need for basic visibility during system development, Texas Instruments has developed a new-generation DSP emulator for real-time embedded applications. Able to transfer more than 2 Mbytes/s, the JTAG emulator XDS560 features real-time data exchange (RTDX) with bidirectional data streaming between the target processor and the host development platform.

The XDS560 is 100 times faster than the previous model, the XDS510 emulator. At this speed, the XDS560 delivers unprecedented levels of visibility and control to real-time developers. To ensure compatibility with data visualization and analysis applications like Excel and Matlab, the RTDX data is available from TI's Code Composer Studio IDE via the industry-standard Microsoft component object model (COM) interface.

To minimize wait time and improve productivity, the XDS560 has significantly improved code download speeds of up to 0.5 Mbyte/s, which is nearly eight times faster than the XDS510's speeds. The XDS560 also is compatible with existing XDS510-class emulators. And, advanced event triggering permits nonintrusive analysis of complex sequences, letting users quickly find and fix intermittent real-time problems.

The XDS560 supports all C5000, C6000, and ARM processors. C2000 DSPs are expected to join the list later this year. Third parties are extending the emulator's communication interface options, such as Ethernet, USB, and PCI.

For a limited time, the XDS560's special introductory price is $3995.

Texas Instruments Inc.,; (800) 477-8924.

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