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DSP Enables HD Audio, Extends Battery Life

DSP Enables HD Audio, Extends Battery Life

The WM0010 debuts as the company’s first fully programmable standalone audio digital signal processor (DSP) with a selection of sound enhancement software. Employing a Tensilica HiFi DSP core, the DSP works in tandem with the application processor, combining a low power audio co-processor with embedded system software, algorithms, and software support. The WM0010 improves audio playback time by allowing the host processor to sleep for up to seven out of eight seconds of audio. Available in a 4.01 mm x 3.436 mm W-CSP, price for the WM0010 is $4.98 each/1,000. WOLFSON MICROELECTRONICS PLC, Edinburgh United Kingdom. +44 (0) 131 272 7000.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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