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DSP Family Expands With Two 160 MIPS Devices For Client-Side Telecom Apps

Expanding the ADSP-21xx code-compatible DSPs, the ADSP-2195 integrates 32K words of on-chip SRAM and 16K words of on-chip program ROM. The ADSP-2196 integrates 16K words of on-chip SRAM and 16K words of on-chip program ROM. Customers can arrange to have the ROM programmed with application-specific code eliminating the need for an external memory device. The ROM on the ADSP-2195 and -2196 is directly mapped into the program memory RAM region on the ADSP-2191. Both of the new devices are 16-bit, fixed-point DSPs that include a ROM security option, three serial ports, two SPI ports, a DMA controller, one UART port, general-purpose programmable flag pins, and a 16-bit parallel and 16-bit host port interface. The ADSP-2195 is priced at $12.50 each/10,000. The ADSP-2196 is priced at $9.95 each/10,000. Both products are currently available in both mini BGA and standard LQFD packages. The ADSP-2191 EZ-KIT Lite for the ADSP-219x DSP family evaluation system is priced at $295. ANALOG DEVICES, Norwood, MA. (800) 262-5643.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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