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DSP Flash Memory Serves High- And Low-Volume Apps

Intended for use in digital signal processors operating at up to 80 MIPS, this new high-speed FlashDSP technology supports both high- and low-volume manufacturing operations and can be used for various communications applications, such as cellular and cordless phones, pagers, digital answering machines, and modems. The technology is said to dramatically improve the speed at which products can be manufactured and delivered to market. Flash replaces ROM as the internal memory that holds the software in a DSP chip and allows for reprogramming of DSP chips in the field via software upgrades. The flash technology will be offered operating at a 12.5-ns speed using a 3.3V supply and running at up to 80 MIPS. The technology can also be used in other semiconductor devices, such as customized ASICs.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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