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DSP Math Library Accesses AltiVec In PowerPC Library

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Claiming to be able to access the full capabilities of the AltiVec vector unit in the PowerPC, IXLibs-AV DSP library, a math library with a full range of functions that claims to provide any ease-of-use interface to the specialized signal processing hardware from either VxWorks or Linux. The library consists of a comprehensive set of C-callable functions that would develop specifically to interrelate with the Motorola PowerPC 7400. The new math library supports a real, complex, that there and scalar standard signal processing functions. Examples of the library's capabilities include functions for complex and real arithmetic, complex and real signal processing, administrative, I/O conversion, cachet management, single generation, and error detection and handling. Pricing for the IXLibs-AV is $5800.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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