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DSP Stands Up To Radiation

Radiation hardened, the RHDSP24 digital-signal processor (DSP) reportedly breaks the computational bottlenecks associated with real-time DSP by reducing software overhead. Demanding tasks such as frequency domain digital filtering are said to be reduced to less than a dozen machine instructions. Part of the DSP24 chip family, the RHDSP24 employs Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for signal and image processing, and its architecture is suitable for large parallel systems. Targeted applications include software radios, polyphase filtering, spread-spectrum processing, COFDM, OFDM and FDM, signal intelligence, satellite electronics, real-time spectral analysis, advanced spacecraft processing, telecommunications, and radar/ sonar signal processing. The DSP is manufactured using a special 0.25 µm, four-layer metal silicon-on-insulator process and will be available in the fourth quarter in a 472-pin column grid array. For more details, call Kelly Spiller at DSP ARCHITECTURES, Vancouver, WA. (360) 573-4084.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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