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DSPs And Design Tools Lower Standby Power

Reporting lower standby power than comparable devices, the TMS320C5509A, C5507, and C5503 DSPs with integrated USB 2.0 interfaces team up with latest incarnation of eXpressDSP power design tools to optimize power consumption. The devices consume 0.12 mW in standby and core/memory power is 58 mW at 108 MHz. The C5503 targets low-cost portable biometric or medical devices and handheld wireless applications, whereas the C5507 is for applications such as wireless gateways, VoIP, GPS, and wireless speakerphones. The C5509A is optimized for multimedia mobile devices and provides two MMC/SD ports plus a 500 µs, 10-bit a/d converter. Standard peripherals for all include three MCBSP ports, three timers, I2C bus, 6-channel DMA, 16-bit EMIF, 16-bit EHPI, and 36 GPIO ports. The eXpressDSP power design tools allow users to set power consumption to the exact level necessary by dynamically turning off all peripherals and internal functional units when they are not needed. They include power planning, a power manager in DSP/BIOS (included in CCStudio via update), and a power-scaling library. Prices for the TMS320C5509A, C5507, and C5503 are $16, $10.50, and $7.50 each/10,000, respectively. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC., Dallas, TX. (800) 477-8924


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