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Dual-Axis Motion Controller Targets Direct Drive Motion

A fully digital servoamplifier with integral position control, the DSCD-P dual-axis motion controller delivers high-performance position, torque/force, or velocity control. It's optimized for direct drive motion applications using multiphase linear or torque motors (brushless dc servomotors). With a bus voltage of up to 400 V dc at 15 A peak, 3.5 A continuous per axis, the DSCD-P can control a wide range of linear motors. It fits inside an industry-standard 6U, 19-in. rack. All connections are easily accessible through the front panel, except the power-supply bus, which is connected at the rear through the backplane. The unit incorporates a high-performance DSP architecture employing 32-bit floating-point DSP for a current-loop and position-loop sampling time of 55.56 ┬Ás at 18 kHz. The DSCD-P can be daisy-chained with other DSC series controllers for up to 31 axes of coordinated control. Pricing for the DSCD-P ranges from $1100 to $2400 apiece, based on configuration.

www.etelusa.com; (847) 519-3380

TAGS: Digital ICs
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