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Dual Power Supervisor ICs Can Monitor Small Voltages

Manufactured using a BiCMOS process, this pair of dual power supply supervisor ICs packs into a 5-pin IttyBitty SOT23-5 package under-voltage monitoring, manual reset and power-on reset generation circuitry. In addition, the MIC2774 and MIC2777 supervisors can monitor two different supply voltages, one of which can be as low as 300 mV. And to provide OEMs with additional design flexibility in working with the steadily declining core and I/O voltages used to power succeeding generations of µPs, DSPs and memories, one of the new ICs' monitoring inputs has been made user-adjustable, with the other input being pre-programmed at the factory.
Other features of the supervisor ICs include: 1.5V to 5.5V operating voltage range; ability to generate power-on reset pulses (140 ms min.) and to reject brief input transients; both active-high and active-low reset outputs (MIC2777); and a choice of active-high, active-low, or open-drain, active-low reset outputs (MIC2774). Typical supply current is as low as 3.5 µA. Price: $0.78 each/1,000. Samples are available from stock.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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