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DVD Reference Design Has Programmable DSP

Enhanced with a servo DSP based on the firm's C2xLP DSP core, the DV25 reference design offers programmable flexibility. It accelerates development of low-cost consumer DVD-ROMs and players and expands the use of DSPs in mass storage applications. The design is easily adapted to a variety of loaders, pick-ups and MPEG decoders, and works with Sanyo's CD12FT DVD player and CD22FT DVD-ROM loaders. The reference design is based on Texas Instruments' DV25 chipset, a complete, highly integrated, three-component solution providing signal acquisition and decoding as well as servo positioning and control of a DVD pickup and mechanism. The reference design includes a complete, fully documented firmware solution for DVD servo and interface control that is adaptable to a variety of DVD pickups, directs parallel bus connections to external MPEG decoders, and has an ATAPI IDE interface for DVD-ROMs.

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