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Efficient DC-To-AC Inverters Charge Equipment Racks

The Series 1600 dc-to-ac inverters are designed for use in 19- and 23-in. equipment racks. They can power a wide variety of electronic equipment, including high-surge or nonlinear loads normally considered difficult for solid-state inverters. They function for small motors as well as switch-mode ac-dc power supplies. The compact, 3.5-in. high convection-cooled inverters are up to 90% efficient. They provide an isolated, regulated, frequency-stable quasisine-wave output. Versions are offered with power ratings of 500 and 1000 VA. Optional built-in automatic load-switchover circuitry permits operation in uninterruptible or standby modes. Standard input voltages are 24, 48, and 130 V dc. Standard outputs are 120 V ac/60 Hz and 230 V ac/50 Hz. The 500-VA units cost $538 for the plain inverter and $627 for switchover units. The 1000-VA units cost $1099 for the plain inverter and $1199 for switchover units. All pricing is in 10-unit quantities.

Wilmore Electronic Co.
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