Electronic Design

Embedded: DSP Key To Video Security Toolkit

Simplifying development of video security systems is the bailiwick of the Video Security over IP (VSIP) Tool Kit. It's built around a TMS320DM6xx DSP and an Altera Cyclone FPGA. Support is available for both analog and digital cameras. The FPGA provides peripheral customization for features like hard-disk support. An Ethernet port connects systems together via an Ethernet port. Ateme (www.ateme.com) software for the toolkit includes a software stack with audio/video compression support up to application samples for access rights management. Prices for the TMS320DM640 DSP with one (20-bit) or two (10-bit) video ports start at $19.95. The toolkit with JTAG emulator is $15,995.

Texas Instruments Inc.

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