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Embedded Software Weds MAC Layer And Internet Protocols

SmartStack for Ethernet is a DSP single-chip Internet connectivity solution for Ethernet LANs that lets OEMs integrate the solution into any piece of equipment, converting it into a stand-alone client that can be connected to any Ethernet LAN. It is touted as the only software solution that combines both the Media Access Control (MAC) layer and the Internet protocols on a single, off-the-shelf DSP. This single-chip solution allows OEMs to easily integrate the most inexpensive and smallest footprint solution for LAN-ready Internet connectivity into their equipment. It enables direct connectivity without the need for a PC or special ISP, while providing complete Internet functionality. The embedded software solution executes the MAC layer and the Internet protocols at the same time on a single DSP. The only other requirements are standard flash memory and a standard, off-the-shelf PHY component to connect the DSP to the RJ45 connector. Analog DSP 2185 with SmartStack for Ethernet costs $11.50 each/25,000.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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