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Energy-Metering ICs Simplify Reactive-Energy Measurement

Thanks to an on-chip DSP, the ADE7753 and ADE7758 energy-metering ICs facilitate the measurement of reactive energy. Existing energy-metering chips require a microcontroller (MCU) or external DSP to compute reactive power. But in the AD7753/7758, the reactive-energy calculation is performed on-chip, so users can control the chips with a simpler, less expensive MCU.

The ADE7758, which features second-order sigma-delta analog-to-digital converters, is designed for mid-range three-phase energy meters. For each phase, the chip measures reactive, active (real), and apparent energy, as well as rms voltage and rms current. These measurements are accessed via a serial interface that enables a fully automated digital calibration. The ADE7753 is designed for single-phase energy meters. The ADE7753 and ADE7758 are pin-to-pin compatible with previously released ICs in the ADE family.

In lots of 1000, the ADE7753 costs $2.52 each, while the ADE7758 costs $6.88 each.

Analog Devices Inc.

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