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Enhanced FEC Codes Improve The Speed Of Multimedia Applications

An enhanced forward error correction (FEC) code is said to improve the speed of data communications and multimedia applications. In addition, these Vector-Low-Density Parity-Check (V-LDPC) codes reportedly decrease power consumption and increase transmission distance for wireless, storage and optical applications. Compared with advanced industry standard Turbo codes, the company's programmable V-LDPC codes are said to offer four-times higher throughput for the same hardware complexity, four times lower hardware complexity at comparable throughput, and far lower error floors. Vector-LDPC codes are incorporated within the company's flash-OFDM modem chipsets and mobile communication system for always-on, mobile broadband connectivity. The flash-OFDM mobile broadband system is a packet-switched radio access network that seamlessly transports IP services over-the-air from an IP network to a user device. Any laptop, PDA or other standard device can go wireless by simply plugging in a flash-OFDM PCMCIA card. For more information on how to license V-LDPC codes, contact FLARION TECHNOLOGIES, Bedminster, NJ. (908) 947-7000.


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