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Fast Simulation Makes Analysis Practical

An array of new, high-performance simulation tools for Texas Instruments' Code Composer Studio (CCS) DSP development suite makes it practical to test applications for the TMS320C5000 and TMS320C6000 without having hardware in hand. Program simulations now run over 20 times faster, and developers can choose from a range of simulation methods through cycle-accurate versions.

Cycle-accurate simulations are slower but provide more information, such as where pipeline stalls occur. This allows developers to easily identify and then correct hot spots.

The simulators are part of the new Analysis Toolkit that provides additional data-analysis tools, including an on-chip cache memory conflict analyzer and a multi-event function profiler. The cache memory conflict analyzer shows where instruction sequence rearrangement might maximize cache hits, thereby improving overall system performance.

The Toolkit is free for registered CCS users. CCS starts at $3595.

Texas Instruments Inc.

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